VLSM and Subnetting Practice.

On the last article, we mostly talked about Subnetting theory, however, subnetting is one of those topics which you don’t really understand until you practice, practice and… practice. I mean, you still need the theory of course, but you need just enough theory to get you started with the practice. While practicing, you are going to hear “click!” in your head… many times.

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So you want to learn IPv4 Subnetting…

Imagine someone gives you one of those big, 7Oz chocolate bar, and even though you are grateful, you are not going to be eating that much chocolate all at once, right?… right?

Well, luckily you can break away smaller squares off of the bar and eat them one at the time, and that is exactly what you do, until 30 minutes later there is no more chocolate bar… well, you tried.

Think of the chocolate bar in the previous analogy, as a big network space which we need to break into smaller, more manageable pieces… I mean networks, we can accomplish this with subnetting.
Subnetting is the process of breaking or dividing a network space, into smaller, more manageable network spaces.

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